This can be used for marketing, grants, speakers, financing and other activities that expose our project. The main activity is to collect the content information the users are seeking and the then network ideas, capital and support services into teams that compete for funding. This is accomplished thru video conferencing with a live operator assisting in getting the subscribers involved at one operator per 500 subscribers. The Consortium also helps by managing team formation, labs, conference events and fund raising. Subscriber projections of 5,000 in the first year growing to 20,000 within 5 years are very small compared to most professional networks which are in the millions. Monthly subscribers fees are expected to begin at $50 per month for beta testers and grow to $100 per month when more content and conferencing is available. The site offers some revenues but they are small compared to the subscriber revenues. Pay Per View conference sponsors and advertising are also additional revenues that can be added as the business grows. The Operating Proforma  shows that the business the Brain Trust operates with much automation once the hardware and software are in place and expenses are mainly for collecting content. Expenses to deliver subscriber services are expected to be less than 50% of revenues leaving the other 50% for research and team formation.