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BlackBerry 8703e


The BlackBerry® 8703e smartphone operates on the latest high-speed wireless networks, keeping you connected while on the go. Email, phone, web browsing, text messaging, organizer and full QWERTY keyboard — you’ll get it all.

With Ev-DO technology* for the BlackBerry® 8703e smartphone, you’ll get a rich wireless experience, with fast email, application and browser speeds. And you can connect your laptop or PC to the Internet using the smartphone as a tethered modem, so you won’t need to carry a wireless PC card.

Keep the conversation going! Enjoy the live instant message chats you’ve come to rely on to help keep your day—and your life—on track almost anywhere.

ICQ® for BlackBerry® smartphones can combine the fun and functionality of instant messaging (IM) with powerful BlackBerry smartphones to deliver on-the-go IM with many of the desktop features you love1:

  • Near real-time text-based conversations2
  • Picture messaging within IM sessions3
  • Buddy icons to show the online world who you are2
  • Emoticons to express yourself2
  • The ability to participate in several chats at once2
  • Virtual real-time awareness of which of your buddies are online and ready to chat2
  • Auto-login so you’re always connected