02-13-08 Bakken Massive Oil Discovery
  02-24-08 Exxon Sees Oil Demand Rising
  02-25-08 PetroDollar Tsunami
  03-07-08  US Ecconomy In Saudi Hands
  03-12-08 Goldman Sachs $200 Oil Call
  03-14-08 $200 Oil Is A Real Possibility                    
  03-24-08 Xcel Targets Smart Habits
  04-02-08 Not All Is Green In ETF Land
  04-12-08 Capitalist Oil Panic
  04-14-08  Exxon Favors Hydrogen Ecconomy
  05-01-07 CoreNet Calls For More Energy Efficiency
  07-21-08 Introduction to a Long Lecture on Oil
  07-21-08 Does Al Gore Finally Get It?
  08-13-08  The Secular Shift In Oil
  08-23-08  Oil Peak Is Past
  08-27-08 MIT Major Discovery

  08-16-08 Game Changer In Solar Energy
  09-23-08  Peak Oil Pundit
  11-14-08  Obama's Green Obsession
   11-21-08 Crude Usage 3 Cubic Miles

   11-30-08 Alternative Energy Storage Tsunami
   12-16-08 Is The 2nd Great Depression Imminent
   04-09-09 $200 Oil Is Coming

   04-18-09  Saudi Khurais Field
Solving the $130 Oil Conundrum    
   Why Oil Could Hit $180 a Barrel
   Gore Fund Roots for Green Investing 'Resilience'
  Life in a Post Carbon World
Could Rising Oil Prices Kill the Suburbs?
The Time is Now by Barack Obama
Restoring Downtown Seoul
   The Next American Oil Boom
   Peak Oil: The Next 5 Years
   Expert Prediction of Oil Shortage Boosts Outlook
   Welcome to the New World of Runaway Energy Demand






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