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Recent Examples Sof
Here are examples that show taking projects from imagination, planning and engineering  into construction and/or marketing.

Airpark Village 

From 2004 to 2010 this grew into a 66 city block assemblage of the old airpark and  5 other parcels in Ft Collins Colorado . Over time the city grew around the old airpark and it became an infill project that I annexed, planned and rezoned into a five million s.f. mixed used development density potentially worth $1 billion when fully built. It was planned as an R&D Campus for innovation  in transport, energy and environmental technology. A Metro District was planned and then submitted to pay for infrastructure including a 1.25 mile long flood channel, single six lane parkway and utilities. 



This was a $2.5 million planning project in 2002 that included building a six unit condo hotel with conferencing facilities and remodeling several lodges . It was located in a exclusive area known as Sky Valley which overlooked the Steamboat ski area. It was not built.

  Jewell Gardens

This was a 33 unit, $8 million highly stylized town home project built in 2001 around a common gardens with waterfalls and advanced Internet technology options to attract affluent client. This included site acquisition, rezoning, design, financing, construction, legal and marketing.

Asbury Park Townhomes

This was an existing 19 unit apartment complex in Aurora that I acquired with a partner in 1997 and converted into town homes and marketed for $2.5 million. I liked the plan so much that it became the floor plan for Jewell Gardens project built three years later.