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Born: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Date: February  1943
Marital Status: Co-habitating
Children: None
Address:   Aurora, CO  80012
Phone: (303) 598-2379 
Fax: (303) 671-7718
Email: lloydgoff@hotmail.com

Personal BIO
My business career has been based on creating new projects from scratch

Working in a variety of industries, each of the projects shown below, demonstrates an imagination that is carried through planning, design, and usually engineering, readying it for city approvals and/or construction. I have been doing this since 1968 when I first moved to Denver. In the process I have learned to work with spreadsheets , maps, legal documents, architectural drawings, imagery, animation, engineering, mechanical, real estate brokerage, financing, computers, web sites, renovation, city approvals and new construction. My entire life has been spent on learning about the Power To Create and here are examples:



Business Manager for SmartSkyways, Inc from 1993 to present. Currently working on automated guideway transport (AGT) project  (www.smartskyways.com). Published a web site containing the business plan and feasibility, organized a design team and illustrated the conceptual design as part of an interdisciplinary team. Looked at the feasibility of building routes in 6 states.



Deals, deals the musical fruit.....
(by Time and Location)

Athletics and Education

Attended Highland High School, Albuquerque New Mexico and graduated in 1961. Played four sports and set a State record in the one mile run. Attended the local University of New Mexico on an athletic scholarship and ran long distance for two years and was undefeated against the best around. Joined SAE Fraternity in College. After sports, my creativity begin to call and I majored in architecture and graduated 1966.  I apprenticed as an architect in New York City  from 1966 to 1968. Moved to Denver and enrolled for graduate work at the University of Colorado and earned CU's First Masters Degree in Urban Planning and Regional Planning in 1971. Masters Thesis was on New Towns where I developed my communications focus. The research needed for the Masters Degree taught me that large scale projects usually suffered from poor communications and coordination. In my work, I was determined to apply what I had learned in my studies and tended to take on projects more for the  many learning experiences than the money. After graduation, I started a National Center for New Towns as a joint venture with John's Manville and CU and several other companies in 1971. This  project attempted to address the communications issues by collecting and distributing information to the industry

1968  Cantilevered House (Vail)
1970  Center for NewTowns ( Denver)
1971 Resort Planning ( Angel Fire)
1972 Intervilla (Mexico)
1973  Paraiso 2600 acres (Mexico)
1973  Taos Condo's (New Mexico)
1974  Lake Eldora Ski Area (Colorado)
1976  Princeville Hotels (Hawaii)
1977  Downtown Hotel (Denver)
1978  Longview Office Park (Loveland)
1980  Westbank Transpo Hub
1984 Platte Valley (Denver)
1985  Forney Museum (Denver)
1992  World's Fair (Denver)
1994 Cedar Crest Condos (Aurora)
1995  University Mall (Ft Collins)
1996 Yosemite St. Condos (Denver) 
1997  Asbury ParkTownhome (Aurora)
1998  Mortgage Mart (Web Site)
2000  Jewell GardensTownhomes 
2004 Branson AGT Demo
2008  Airpark Village
  2013   www.Lloydgoff.com

Project Experiences

Since 1966, I have worked for 37 years in dozens of real estate developments. Until 1978, I worked primarily on resort projects in Mexico, Hawaii, New Mexico and Colorado. For example, master planned Angel Fire Ski area in New Mexico. Planned and platted 20,000 acres near Montrose; optioned Lake Eldora Ski Area and assembled 6000 acres surrounding it;  master planned a 2000 acre coastal resort north of Manzanillo.  In 1978, I assembled seven city blocks at west gateway to Denver's CBD known as WESTBANK, and packaged new concepts on it by combining Denver's first Intermodal site with a new monorail link to CBD. The surrounding neighborhoods fought back with delays and the project got caught in the beginning of the 80's recession and unraveled. I have worked on two other planned monorail projects for large real estate developments that never went anywhere but I learned about the business. I have engages in many types of services to earn a buck such as in the 1960's, my side income was earned by painting artists renderings of commercial projects, building architectural models and flying.   In 1994, I turned to converting apartments into condominiums and did Cedar Crest for affordable housing and Asbury Park Townhomes three years later for the middle market. In 2000 I did some construction of eleven highly stylized townhomes built around a common garden with a waterfall.  I routinely package real estate, in all forms of commercial deals, and I have rezoned property for more than fifteen ventures. I have brokered malls, apartments, land and development deals.



Platte Valley Landowners Association

CCS Business. Improvement District 
Public Telecom System Consortia
Denver Days

Associations and Community Activities
After losing the rezoning attempt for a $500 million mixed use development on the seven city blocks that I assembled, I started the Platte Valley Landowners Association in 1982 . I represented 100 city blocks of prime development ground for rezoning, highway projects, and infrastructure financing in the old rail yards west of Downtown Denver. I served on this commission for 8 years  learning how infrastructure is planned and financed including starting a new Business  Improvement Tax District on 15th Street in 1991 and  still   serve as the director. In 1988 I started a consortia of Universities,  Cities and Hospitals to share a distance learning interactive TV network similar to what AOL became. It used the telephone keypad to navigate on a TV, but the internet came along instead.
Chapel Art Collection

Mortgage Mart

Entrepreneurial Activity

Started a Dance Hall in late 60's, bought and sold used cars in college. I learned to fly in 1966 and started a flying business with three airplanes for training and charter. In the 1970's I re-organized an art collection and traded 90  sculptures for a client; I also bought, repaired and sold twelve old houses in 70's. After  Public Service Telecommunications Partnership in the late 1980's,  I built a model of Interactive TV using the telephone keypad for a mouse. We almost had $500,000 to work with six years before the Internet.  Started Denver Media labs in the 90's to learn ways of presenting marketing materials on-line to prospective investors. Experimented with setting up a mortgage mart on-line to sell millions of dollars in mortgages held by the condo conversions.


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Skills Developed
Creativity in packaging deals is the best skill I have developed from my real estate work experiences that have included : architectural design, urban planning, construction, real estate brokerage,  finance, computer LAN networks and internet web site development. I started late in computers waiting until 1991 to buy my first, but since then I have learned most of the Microsoft product line and put most of my business on-line. I use AutoCAD and most of the Adobe product line. I regularly enhance my work with  talents of very skilled craftsmen



Hobbies and Interests

Exhibition ballroom dancing,  bowling, racquetball, tennis, travel, and the study of metaphysics. 



Life Turning Points
Lost Championship Mile Race 1963** Architect Employer Sued 1966  ** Airplane Crash 1967 **  Lost huge rezoning 1982 ** Lost 66 city block assemblage in 2011

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What's Next ?
The Internet will become the greatest money raising machine ever devised and I plan to market real estate and technolgy as  investment opportunities over the Internet @ www.lloydgoff.com on all the ventures that I work on hence forth.