Birth           - Presbyterian Hospital 
family         - parent teachers, twin sister older brother
childhood   - ran from home, park, sports, drawing, boy scouts, mt camping
Bandilier     - location, Halloween, Christmas, May Day, Billy Kid hideout, drawing
schoolboy  - all city, snow day, glasses, trip to Mexico, tennis
high school - floats, running, expulsion, first job, dare, Studebaker
college       - running, frat, LA relays, Championship, architecture, Sandia Saving, drop out
nightclub    - counting the money, contests, Paladin double
airplanes    - how I got into business,  emergencies, dating, adventures
architect    -  NYC apprenticeship, Clark NJ, draft
court trial   -why Maddox, evidence, result
crash-why - how, rust, lion, died, chain saw, rescue, hospital
wanderings-NYC pool hall, Phoenix mosquitoes, I-5, campus search, Texas night
Move to Denver