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This project was the most fun I ever has packaging any commercial real estate venture. It started concurrently with the Westbank project and was planned as a $22 million venture, but the recession hit in 1982 and nothing was moving. So I cut the project back to a smaller $5 million event and media center as shown below to hold onto the  site until the market recovered, but was unable to raise the funds.

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The Location on the Platte River
Located at the historical confluence of the Platte River and Cherry Creek which also has a 1500 seat amphitheater, the museum occupied a building that was the original power generation plant for the trolley car system in Denver.

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The Site

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The Setting

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The Forney Museum had collected over 300 pieces of transport including Truman's dining car (right), trolley cars, locomotives, autos and even a flying car. The motive of the owner was to create an activity center that would bring in more people and more revenue to the museum for decades to come. The venture was based on a land lease.

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