This is an intricate triplex design built as models for a 39 unit complex at the El Pueblo Lodge on the north side of Taos. Each unit has bedrooms that can be split off from the main unit and rented as a motel room. When the federal government froze prices in 1973, mortgage money  became unavailable and the project was sold without further development. Two of the units are two story and one is only the second floor but uses the roof as patios.


This is a view of the living areas showing a huge fireplace on the left and the loft bedroom in the rear that is accessible by spiral staircase. The kitchen is to the right behind an open bar countertop. The glass wall is part of the entry alcove which is a protected garden from all sides but one.


Looking from the entry, this is a view of the other two story unit showing the large glass wall and atrium space. On the outside of the glass wall is a balcony.