Sky Valley Retreat Economic Plan

Valley View Lodge is the existing developer. The LLC has two partners who each have 50% ownership. They are Ed Ryan the sub divider/manager and Cedar Crest LLC.

Phase I- After the development company is capitalized, the LLC will begin Phase I with the rehab of an existing lodge into a six bedroom lodge with conference facilities. At $250 psf, this 7400 sf  lodge can be presold for $1,850,000.

Valley View Lodge rehab


Payoff Liberty Bank


Sales ( not part of capital)

 $  97,500

Marketing at 5%

$  85,000

Closing & Title

$    6,250

Site Prep and Organization

$  72,500


Phase II - In the next level of investment, we want to find a single company that will jointly build and operate additional lodging facilities or build second home. We are asking  $2,050,000 for 40% of the potential profits. The ROI is estimated at 12% to 20 % per year depending on whether this project is build all at once or phased in bit sized pieces. In addition other benefits are owning a conference center and a retreat for company seminars, rewards, executive sessions, holidays and an emergency sanctuary & back up facility for times of crises. As Valley View Lodge expands its development theme into Sky Valley Resort, we can build and market multiple properties to corporations as a retreat or consumers as second home. We will offer high speed Internet connectivity and conferencing services as part of the existing commons areas. The developer can carve out one more home on the remainder of the Valley View Lodge site of three acres that comes with Phase II. This will require some zoning work, a new road and utilities for this site. As capital and sales allows up to 14 additional homes can be built. The syndicate will receive use of master suites until the property is sold out. In the meantime all units can be rented out by the day or sold as second homes without rentals. In Phase II the development company will use the net proceeds from sales to build more houses on the unimproved sites

30 % shares for the developers

1/2 to Ed Ryan for on-site management

1/2 to Cedar Crest LLC for packaging and marketing

70% for equity capital

$1.5 million minimum for the joint venture of Sky Valley Retreat for corporations or consumer homes based on a sharing a common conference center and a 50 acre commons area.

Total Equity Needed






Alpine Home model
(1800 sf x $250 per square foot)

$   450,000


Acquire Building site



Build log home model



Sales and advertising

$  40,100


Overhead and contingency

$  20,750


 Total costs

$  385,850



Long Range  Profit Potential- With this net revenue, the developer plans to build more Alpine Homes and to buy the existing Spruce lodges  for conversion.  After these condos are built, the developer will continue to build out the remainder of the sites. This will bring the number of rentable units in the resort package to 36. This will be marketed via a web site as a corporate retreat with one of two special themes: corporate back up sites or Alpine Homes.

Common Interest Community All sold units will be part of a common interest community either as condos or (Alpine ) Town homes. They will all share an undivided interest in four specific assets costing up to $1,000,000 and amortized over 30 years at 7% and payable at an average monthly cost of $166 per unit.

    1. 50 acres of open space, forest, ponds, camps and gardens for $100,000
    2. Amenity Package of Clubhouse, Spa, Tennis, and Pool for $450,000
    3. Gateway Registration and staff house for $220,000
    4. District Services offering a Local Area Network, water, sewer and roads for $50,000
    5. Commons area irrigation, roads, entry, lighting, picnic, shed, tools for $50,000