Bingham Labs Synopsis

For more information see: Oasis Tech

Bingham Labs is a startup company seeking a capital partner and is planning a  debt funding with a  return over three years. This investor(s) also gets an option to participate in a second round of funding. Oasis Technologies will develop a prototypes with the first  seed capital. This will be a small scale Atmospheric Water Generator in the 300 liters per day range. The ramifications and extensions of what we are doing here are truly mind boggling. This is because it involves lowering the operating costs of this existing water into fuel technology by some 90% to where it becomes economically feasible to power an Atmospheric Water Generator off the grid.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is being developed by Kent Bingham. He plans to extract fuel from water. This will be accomplished by using electricity splitting the hydrogen gas from water. This will enable a small engine that generates electricity to compress Freon gas and to run a condenser that captures water condensation similar to an air conditioner. Even this small scale will be a game changer with huge earning potential from licensing the Intellectual property to manufactures. Over time this company may grow deeper into hydrogen research that could grow the next generation of our civilization with cheap abundant energy at any scale. Kent has found that a simple water splitter can generate a Hydrogen gas (HHO) that release more than 10 times the electrical energy used to create it. The result is the possibility to operate the machine at almost no cost instead of plugging into the electrical grid which makes AWG uneconomic. The HHO gas can be demonstrated with a mockup costing less than $50,000 for a 300 liters per day for testing equipment. Another $150,000 is needed for testing and other costs during this “Proof-of-Concept Phase..

GAME CHANGER: The second round of funding will be about $25 million to spin off a new company called “oasis technologies. This company will build a headquarters and manufacturing plant. The company will license this technology Bingham Labs to market a variety of Oasis Technologies. This business will supply packages of utilities for residential to commercial sized customers for generating water, heat, cooling and energy. Kent will select from his extensive contacts a management team to grow this design/build business. This AWG package will be a Game Changer in the real estate development, farming, and cities in severe drought.

ENGINEER: Kent Bingham has over 50 years of engineering experience. He brings this experience to develop this research into a viable product for “Oasis Technologies”. The research business will develop advanced critical generation technologies such as water from the air and fuel from water in order to build this Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG). All the components needed actually exist in commercial uses today, but not in the configuration Bingham is developing. Kent was a leader on the original team that built EPCOT at Disney World 33 years ago and was in charge of structural engineering. After EPCOT was completed, Kent moved to Burbank and operated an engineering company for the entertainment business for 20 years. The financial crisis of 2008 caused the industry to go idle and Kent disbanded his company. He has since been engaged in research for the past 6 years and this venture is the result of his efforts. Kent will indeed leave a legacy that will continue to grow his work.

For more information see: Oasis Tech